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Row for Hope - A 363 Mile Journey

My experience with the Morin Foundation started somewhat unexpectedly when one of my teammates who I was participating in our crew team’s annual charity with announced that thanks to his application, our fundraiser had been selected as a finalist to be awarded the Morin Grant.

We were all excited, especially for the prospect of extra funding for supplies for the 8-day, 340 mile row, which accepted donations for the Thomas Galisano Hope Lodge in Rochester. Perhaps more importantly, when we were awarded the grant, the combined experience and business savvy of the Morin Foundation Members helped us to improve the logistics and organization of our fundraiser, ultimately fostering great growth for the program as a whole even though it was already mature in its third year of operation.

These contributions were matched most importantly by their emotional encouragement; they showed a great enthusiasm for the project and philanthropy as a whole which was an inspiration for 8 young men trying to better their community.

Their help is part of the reason the Row was nominated for a National Philanthropist Society Award, has raised over 100,000 dollars in donations for Hope Lodge, and continues to touch countless lives going into its fifth year.

The Morin Foundation was, and continues to be by our side the whole way, helping more than we ever could expect, and because of this we can show our thanks by making our community a better place every year.

-Evan Manfreda-Schulz

McQuaid Jesuit ‘15

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