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The Foundation Grant

If you could do one thing, create an idea, a project that significantly impacts your family, friends, neighborhood, and community – humanity itself - what would it be? Does this “idea” have such a magnitude that makes waves and sets the bar so high that others after you will be inspired to achieve even greater successes?

Now, what if you were given up to $2,500 to create & implement this grand idea?

The Foundation is formed by a group of forward thinking individuals to inspire you to Envision, Endeavor, and Execute to change the global community. We are searching for an individual or group to create a project that has an emotional or physical impact on the “Global Community” in which he is a member – neighborhood, church, school or team. 

Look outside your comfort zone – Step back, pause, & take a moment to look upon the periphery. The periphery is the area that exists beyond our narrow focus created by a busy life. Look at the periphery for ideas, for inspiration. The periphery is where most of our lives exist. The periphery is where humanity can experience the greatest impact.

We are looking for a full spectrum of ideas to choose from. Any idea that come from service, arts, environmental & STEM (Science, Techology, Engineering, & Math) will be considered. Our single largest factor for considering each proposal will be: Will this project create a greater impact than the money alone can accomplish? Beyond this, the ball is in your court. Draw your idea from your passion for life. 

Previous Grant Awards

2016 - Van for Others

         - Bright Futures

2015 - McQuaid Ballers

2014 - Restore the Roc

         - Row for Hope

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